Votion Attends Career Expo and Kicks Off College Recruiting Season

Votion Attends Career Expo and Kicks Off College Recruiting Season

Votion is excited about hiring a few recent graduates this spring and bringing fresh, new ideas to its clients’ campaigns.

Votion attended the First Avenue Career Expo on March 3rd, 2017, along with 115 other local, regional and national companies. Several regional universities were also in attendance for those students considering graduate school upon completion of their Bachelor’s Degree. The First Avenue Career Expo is organized by The Oregon Liberal Arts Placement Consortium every year. The Consortium consists of six local schools: University of Portland, Pacific University, Lewis and Clark College, Marylhurst University, Linfield College and Willamette University. It is estimated that 300 to 500 students and alumni attend the career expo each year.

Votion’s Portland and Los Angeles offices teamed up to take on the event by storm. The offices were focused on connecting with Business, Marketing, and Communications students who would be graduating in the next two years. Both full-time internships and positions are currently available to qualifying students. “We had fun talking with students and finding out about each students’ future goals,” said Sommer J., a Representative from the Los Angeles office. “Both, Rachel and myself, were impressed with several of the students that we had the opportunity to meet.”

Votion Kicks Off College Recruiting

“March is the month Votion begins its college recruiting,” said Rachel M., a representative of the Portland office. “We are excited about this year’s prospects in particular due to our interactions with many of the students at the Career Expo.” Votion’s college recruiting season is from the beginning of March through the end of May. “We love adding recent college grads to our team,” said Cassie B., Portland office’s C.E.O. “They tend to bring new perspective to our campaigns, and it has previously shown positive feedback from clients.”

Three marketing internships are available for the 2017 summer. Internships with Votion are full time and paid, extending for a minimum of three months. Those who acquire an internship are considered first for future openings once they graduate. “We can do our own coffee errands,” joked Cassie B. “Votion believes in giving interns hands-on experience in marketing. It’s more productive for both parties if real-world responsibilities are required from interns.”

The focus for Votion’s Representatives at the Career Expo was the available Business Manager Trainee positions. In this Trainee role, two recent graduates will gain experience in marketing, sales, public relations, and management. “A Trainee position is ideal for new graduates; it gives them a chance to get their foot in the door with a company who will help them hit the ground running and set them up for success in their future career,” said Rachel M. She explained that most companies require a degree with a minimum of two years experience, and many graduates have a difficult time getting said experience because no company will give them a chance. Unlike other marketing firms, Votion is requiring less than three years of experience to be considered for this role. Training is meant to take eight to 12 months on average, but is catered to the Trainee so that advancement is at each individual’s pace.

With the large amount of interest drawn from the career fair, finding the proper candidate should be simple; however, if any other individuals would like to be considered for these positions, more information is available at http://www.votionpdx.com. Votion will be accepting applications until May 12th, 2017.



Votion’s Portland Branch Leads in Revenue Production for Clientele and Expands Client’s Service Options

Votion’s Corporate Marketing Distributors generated 40 million dollars combined in profit for clients during 2016. The Portland branch alone produced five million dollars of client revenue, making up approximately 13 percent of last year’s revenue. “Our success is due to big-picture thinking,” says Cassie B., C.E.O. of the Portland branch. She adds that “people must be willing to do the dirty work to achieve goals…and most aren’t willing to put in that effort,” which is what sets Votion’s employees apart from other companies.

Votion’s Portland Branch Helps Expand Client Product Offerings

The Portland branch is recognized for its creativity and outside-the-box thinking, making its team desirable to other branches for networking. During 2016, Votion was requested to be a part of several national test markets to expand current clients’ products and services in those areas. Some of these locations were Chicago, Atlanta and Dallas. The Portland branch’s direct-marketing campaigns ensured that client objectives were met. Due to Portland’s help, several products and services were integrated permanently in those markets.

Based on first quarter results, Votion is projected to achieve record profit for its clients in 2017.

Company Road Trips Coming to Portland, Oregon

Votion is the destination for more than eight national road trip crews this past month.

Votion has received team members from offices in New York, Denver and San Diego almost on a weekly basis since the beginning of January. Road trips are when a few members of one office travel to visit another office and are intended to help the growing host office maintain compliance with clients while new hiring is taking place. “Votion is currently doing a lot of hiring to keep up with our clients’ demands,” says Rachel, a member of Votion’s Human Resources team. “The road trip teams just hold the place of new individuals we hope to hire the coming weeks. These individuals share the work load with current employees to relieve the stress that can be brought on from project completion dates coming around sooner than later.”

Road trips are typically crews of two to four individuals and last an average of two weeks. This provides plenty of time for the host office to complete some hiring and the crew to get a taste for how another office operates. “Road trips are a great opportunity to learn from and network with other offices,” said Cassie, the C.E.O. of Votion. “They’re also wonderful for bonding with colleagues who are on the trip with you.”

Votion is anticipating it’s need for road trips to be fulfilled in the next few weeks.