Our Mission

Our aim is to create personalized direct B2C marketing campaigns that generate brand awareness to surge and improve bottom line numbers as a result. Unlike indirect marketing, which uses impersonal modes of communication such as radio, television, or direct mail, we take a face-to-face approach to bridge the gap between our clients and their target audience.

In addition to meeting the high-bar expectations of our clients, we also work diligently to produce campaigns that serve the needs of the consumer. Exclusive product promotions and exceptional, in-person customer service set us apart from other shopping experiences. It’s an approach that garners higher brand loyalty and repeat purchases than traditional marketing methods.

Our team nurtures a work hard, play hard mentality. We foster a fun, motivated, family-friendly work environment in which our team members can thrive on their journey to becoming experienced entrepreneurs. Using a highly-focused mentorship program and providing constant training and support, our new employees have the opportunity to rapidly advance to achieve their career objectives while growing as high-performance business professionals.