Alan, a recently promoted Account Manager, has been nominated as the Employee of the Month (E.O.M.) for March. He is known in the office for his entrepreneurial mindset, his outgoing personality, and his humility. “Alan is really positive and kind,” said Cheyenne, an Administrator. “I think it’s what really draws people to him…that, and he’s a chatty Cathy.” Cassandra, the Marketing Manager, explained that Alan was nominated for E.O.M. due to his strong work ethic and leadership skills. “Everyone in our office loves talking to Alan,” said Cassandra. “He also sets an excellent example for others in his work flow. Both of these make him someone other employees want to follow and learn from in our office.”

In his free time, Alan enjoys spending time with his family, watching sporting events, and being outdoors. Some of his favorite outdoor activities include hiking and camping. He has a variety of hobbies and wants to dabble in everything. “If I were rich, I would spend all my time doing nothing but art,” said Alan. He has an interest in drawing, painting, and playing music. Musically, he is talented at playing several instruments, such as piano, guitar, trumpet, and drums, which is something he wants to spend more time doing in the future.

In his professional life, Alan has cast a wide net to cater to his entrepreneurial mindset. He is always after adventure and willing to take risks to achieve desired results. “I was looking for the niche marketing. Something that others hadn’t thought of just yet,” said Alan. Ultimately, Alan would like to own a marketing firm to pass on the opportunity that Votion has given to him. It is his goal that this will provide financial freedom for his kids, grandkids, and their children for generations to come. Alan credited his need to be the best as his biggest motivator; however, planning and making short, mid, and long-term goals has aided him the most in reaching his main objectives. “Alan may still be in our office, but he is already mentally on a different playing field than many others,” said Rachel, another Administrator. She elaborates that Alan is prone to “next-level thinking” as he prepares for his future office, but remains humble in his approach.

To others seeking to follow in his success, Alan advises having faith in yourself and your abilities, networking often, and keeping an open mind in order to adapt to new situations. “Come in thinking that you know nothing,” said Alan. Thus far, this philosophy has served Alan well, and will likely continue to benefit him in his future endeavors.


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